SSMS Tools Pack 4.9 is out with new features (Sort Tabs, Find Tab, Warn on Possible Open Transaction), a few bug fixes, stability and speed improvements.
2018-06-13 00:00:00

SQL Editor Plus
New: Find Tab based on caption text. Search captions with a convenient filter-as-you-type search window.
New: Sort Tabs based on server name, database name and caption text.
New: "Possible Open Transaction" warning added to the Data Destruction Protector.

SSMS Tools Pack 4.7 is out with new features (Expand SELECT * to proper columns, Find Item in Object Explorer) and a few bug fixes.
2018-03-28 00:00:00

SQL Editor Plus
New: Expand SELECT * to show columns from the tables, views, UDFs, CTEs, etc used in your query.
New: Quickly find an object in Object Explorer by pressing F12. It works for tables, views, stored procedures and UDF's.
Improved: Run Statement at Cursor adds the option to run statement from start up to the cursor position.

Search Databases, Tables, Views Data
Search results are now displayed in the query window connected to the same database as they were run on.
A bug was fixed where it didn't show correct number of found values
if the searched value was in more than one column in same row.

Export to Excel
Numbers longer than 15 digits are now treated as text, because Excel auto-truncates them.

Run Custom Scripts
Custom scripts can now be marked as External and will be run in the Command Line.

Manage License Activations
You can now check your license details and number of activated machines by yourself.

SSMS Tools Pack 4.5 is out with full support for SSMS 17 and various feature improvements.
2017-10-09 00:00:00

Full support for SSMS 17
All reported issues during the beta support have been resolved.

Connection Coloring
Connection Coloring is now improved by coloring the server/database in Object Explorer as well.
This way you can always see if you're working on the correct server/database.

SQL Editor Plus
Auto-rename window tab text has been extended with option to rename the tab to
either the first line in the executed T-SQL script or the next non-empty line after
the user-set line in the executed T-SQL script if the user-set line is empty.

Export to Excel
Full support for correctly exporting Unicode characters not in extended ASCII set into an Excel file.

CRUD Generator
Update stored procedure is NOT generated if there are no updateable columns in the table.

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