SSMS Tools Pack 4.2 is out with beta support for SSMS 17 RC1, new features and minor bug fixes.
2016-11-28 00:00:00

Beta support for SSMS 2017 RC1
Beta support for SSMS 17 RC1. Due to beta status this might have various bugs. Since SSMS 17 RC1 has just been released and is not recommended for production use the SSMS Tools Pack
for it might run into various issues as well. They will be worked out as the SSMS 17 gets more stable.

SQL Editor Plus
New Run At element in query window status bar with starting time of the executed query.
Auto-rename window tab text to the Nth (user-defined) line in the executed SQL script.
Automatically connect to the database with the same name when switching servers.

SQL History
Tab Sessions UI improvements when scrolling through items.

Export to Excel
Export folder defaults to %AppData%\SSMSToolsPack.

Other Minor Features
On first run the settings are imported from the last automated backup if it exists.

SSMS Tools Pack 4.0 is out. Full support for SSMS 2016 RTM.
2016-06-15 00:00:00

Full Support for SSMS 2016 RTM
Full support for SSMS 2016 RTM which came out June 1st 2016.

SQL Editor Plus
Renamed tabs get the custom name stored and properly restored in the SQL History's Tab Session.

Global Replacement Texts
Now you can have nested replacement texts that are properly evaluated up to 10 levels deep.

Insert Statements Generator
It can now also script views. Added an option to add column names to each scripted SELECT statement.

Export to Excel
It can now also export views to Excel.

SSMS Tools Pack is out. Excel export improvements and bug fixes, and Run Custom Scripts from Object Explorer improvement.
2016-04-30 00:00:00

Export to Excel:
Fixes for dates not showing properly in Excel 2007, exporting XML from the results grid, and an error when doing multiple exports in parallel.

Run custom scripts from Object Explorer:
You can now order the scripts shown in the context menu in the feature's Options. Simply change the index and it will be sorted in the ascending irder of that index. Custom text can now be set inside the colored bar for each server/database.

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